We are one of the few who have actual experience in the trade of land assets between qualified principals. Trading assets can be very rewarding for all concerned in the areas of tax consequences and asset replacement for any number of reasons.

Here are our mechanics and parameters:
1. One asset must be located in Texas.
2. Both assets must be traded free and clear of debt. You can’t trade debt….never works.
3. NOT a 1031…..just a simple trade.
4. $2,000,000 minimum value. No maximum.
5. Our consulting agreement is non-exclusive. You pay only if a trade is consummated.
6. Typically, the trade is effected through the mutual exchange of stock in a single asset entity. This can be a USA entity or a foreign entity.

Land Assets for Trade

Oceanfront Estate 
Eleuthara, The Bahamas

The fourth most populated island of the Bahamas, sickle shaped Eleuthera is 110 miles long and a scant two miles at its widest point. Quiet, secluded communities and well-developed resorts, tall rocky bluffs and low-lying wetlands, blue holes and awesome caves, massive coral reefs and sweeping pink sand beaches combine to create an island paradise.

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Riverfront Equestrian Estate 
Vilcabamba, Ecuador, South America

This owner’s riverfront equestrian estate is situated in the town that has been labeled, ‘The Valley of Longevity’, as it has been said that more people live to be 100-years old in Vilcabamba, Ecuador, than anywhere else in the world.


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